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Malaysia – Food in Penang

Written by Duke Stewart

Imagine a world without traditional fast food outlets, the usual suspects clogging up our mini-malls. Imagine we had individually owned and operated joints serving stuff like this all over America. Can you imagine how delicious that would be? – Anthony Bourdain on Penang food

Travel obviously engages our sense of taste while not forgetting about the others, making a lasting experience to follow us wherever we go next.

Penang Food

Won Ton Mee in Penang, Malaysia

Visiting Malaysia means an unforgettable experience with one of the world’s most famous food cultures, found on Penang’s Gurney Drive. A single photograph quickly brings back the heat on my neck, the bright colors, and a distinct mix of flavors encapsulated within a wall of sea-salt air.

Renowned in Asia and spreading throughout the world, Won Ton Mee or Won Ton Noodles certainly won me over. People commonly describe Malaysian food as “to die for” but this dish of Canton origin made my trip. A lot was happening on the plate as it arrived to my table in Penang. Among the noodles were slices of pork, leafy greens, dumplings, and a sauce so delicious that my belly craved more and more as the trip continued.

Out of everything available, Won Ton Mee was THE dish on my mind each day. It is often found throughout Malaysia and different varieties exist throughout Southeast Asia. The bowl I enjoyed might differ based on the vendor. Of course, it’s not the only food in Penang that’s got me thinking about a return. There were some other favorites found along the way.

Have a look at these other delicious meals and let me know what you think in the comments section!

Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang


Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee in Penang, Malaysia


Satay in Penang, Malaysia

Even Baclava from a Syrian Food Stall!

Baclava from a Syrian food stall in Penang, Malaysia

Got a photo of Penang food that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll throw it in here!

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Penang Food by Duke Stewart

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Duke Stewart

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  • What a lovely post, and nice pictures 🙂 all of them looks delicious, my favorite one was Satay when we visited Malaysia last year. Similar food was also in Bali, but the Satay was better in Kuala Lumpur.I m hungry now, need to get some foodie 🙂
    Csilla recently posted…Malta islandMy Profile

    • The cooking class we did was pretty awesome and most distinct from the others we’ve done perhaps like you in Thailand and in Bali. This one we lucked out on because nobody else showed up and it turned into a glorified private lesson. We first started with a tour of the Tropical Spice Garden and learned all sorts of cultural and historical things from the man who took us around. The cooking class afterwards was great because we made 3 dishes and ate them all at the same time. It seems that other ones we’ve done are more into the “cook and eat” style which I’m more a fan of until my belly can’t take any more:) Highlight for me was smashing up some shrimp paste and cooking my own Chicken Rendang!

  • Great photos! I think food is a great way to relive a travel experience. I love trying to recreate delicious food I have encountered while traveling and getting to relive the magic again!

    • Man, that’d be a challenge for sure. I don’t know if I can recreate some of the tastes I found on Penang. But maybe it’d be worth the challenge!

  • That food looks amazing! I love the bright, vibrant colors in Asian dishes and the complex flavors. I often long for the dishes we ate while we were in Thailand a few years ago. Thai food in the United States just does not compare to the real thing!

    • Thai food is the best, I think sometimes. Always have a craving for some Massaman Curry (which I’ll be writing about soon) and some Pork fried Rice. Such wonderful smells and flavors all around!

  • The food looks delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever had Won Ton Mee, but your post prompted me to look it up and I found a couple of recipes. Sounds fantastic.

  • This looks like a foodie’s heaven!! I haven’t been to Malaysia but friends have assured me that I will love the food there. I believe they have lots of Indian food available there too.

    • There’s quite a bit of Indian food to be found there, good and bad. Kuala Lumpur has a Little India but it’s not that great. I think the better restaurants can be found elsewhere, away from the designated Indian district.

    • Fried noodles are the best. But hey, any noodles are great as long as their cooked and have a delicious sauce or seasoning. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Carl,
    Those colorful pictures really bring the food pleasures of Penang to life. I’m not big on pork, so I don’t think I’d enjoy Won Ton Mee, but the vegaetables look tasty!

    • Hm, I think the bottom center picture might have something right up your alley. If you can see that dish on the upper left of that picture, that’s Nasi Lemak. Delicious stuff. Pan-fried peanuts with anchovies, coconut rice, and a boiled egg sliced in half. We made that during a cooking class on Penang and it was most delicious.

  • I’m sitting here already hungry and have now been pushed over the edge. Drooling is not my best look so I better go find a meal that can stack up to your photos. You are right about travel enhancing the sense of taste. I think I can remember a great meal in almost every country I have been to. Savoring a meal with memories of the environment is a return trip to that country for free.

    • I definitely agree. Each day I write something, I pour through photos and occasionally come upon some food. It’s good and bad because I then have to find something to eat quickly, just like you.

  • Great pictures and frankly it made me hungry! I think I may have had Won Ton Mee in Hawaii some time ago. If not, it was something very much like it and I loved it!

  • Hi Carl – It’s before eight o’clock in the morning and I am absolutely starved just looking at these photos – the Won Ton Mee looks unbelievable – do you think they would deliver?

  • Hey Carl, it is great to see you covering the food aspect of travel. Both your photos and descriptions really bring the flavour of Penang to life. Hope you will do moe of this from time to time

    • Thank you Paul. It is something that I’m looking to write about more because food is an important part of travel. Just looking for different ways to approach it, though presenting it as a special reason to visit might just work. I appreciate the encouragement. Cheers!