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Written by Duke Stewart

Yeosu Photos

I lived in Yeosu for two soul-fulfilling years and wrote a few stories about it along the way. What I’d like to do here is share some Yeosu photos taken by Christina, the lens behind We drove all around this tiny peninsula within the Korean peninsula and have lots to show for it! Have a look and let us know what you think in the comments section. As always, thank you for looking through this site and let me know if you’d like to share some photos alongside these.

The Expo & Odongdo

I always loved driving out to the Yeosu Expo and Odongdo areas. There’s so much space for walking and so many different types of things to look at. The Expo has all the fancy buildings that will hopefully get used in the wake of that massive 6 month event that took over Yeosu while Odongdo is one of my favorite manmade nature walks in Korea.

Yeosu Expo Station

Yeosu Photos - Duke Stewart at the Yeosu Expo, South Korea

The Big O

Yeosu Photos - Big O at the Yeosu Expo, South Korea

Yeosu Photos - The Yeosu World Expo, South Korea

View from Odongdo

Photos of Yeosu's Islands from Odongdo in South Korea


Yeosu Temples & Hikes

Yeosu is full of awesome mountains and great temples for walking. My favorite spots for both are Heungguksa and Gubongsan so it’s not surprising that they dominate this section.

Heungguksa (흥국사)

Yeosu Photos - Heungguksa Temple, South Korea

Overlooking the stone fountain at Yeosu Heungguksa Temple, South Korea

Heungguksa on the way to Yongchwisan in Yeosu, South Korea

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Yeosu Photos - Mireuksa Temple in South Korea


Yeosu Photos - View of Yeosu from Gubongsan in South Korea

Yeosu Photos - Gubongsan and Yeoseo Dong in the Distance, South Korea

Yeosu Photos - Hiking around Gubongsan, South Korea (여수)


Yeosu Photos - Geumodo Island near Yeosu, South Korea

This photo also appears here!
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Yeosu Food & Cafes

Yeosu is a seafood-dominated town and I wrote about that in my How to Enjoy Yeosu but here, you’ll find all the other Korean and regional favorites that I could summon up. Oh and there are some pretty awesome coffee spots in Yeosu to visit.

Soup Tent in Yeoseo Dong (동트눈집)

Soup Tent in Yeosu, Korea (동트눈집)

BBQ Duck in Yeoseo Dong

BBQ Duck in Yeosu, South Korea

Daedongguksu, Mipyeong Dong

Yeosu Photos - Daedongguksu in Yeosu, South Korea (대동국수)

Bibim-myeon in Yeoseo Dong

Bibim myeon in Yeosu, South Korea

Dalk Galbi, Haeyang Park (닭갈비)

Dalk Galbi in Yeosu, South Korea (닭갈비)

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Dolsot Bori Bap in Mipyeong Dong

Yeosu Photos - Boribap in Yeosu, South Korea

Wind on the Hills Cafe, Dolsan

Yeosu Photos - Wind on the Hill on Dolsan, South Korea

Cafe Imi

Yeosu Photos - Cafe Imi in Yeosu, South Korea

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Historical & Strolly Places

One good thing about places with history is that Government’s tend to build stuff in recognition of it, along with tons of walking space. That’s another great thing about these famous spots in Yeosu.


Yeosu Photos - Jinnamgwan in Yeosu, South Korea

Yi Sun Shin Square & Haeyang Park
Foot and Bike Path on Yi Sun-shin Square in Yeosu, South Korea

Yeosu Photos - Haeyang Park in Yeosu, South Korea (해양공원)

Seonso Shipbuilding Yard

Yeocheon and Seonso Shipbuilding Yard in Yeosu, South Korea

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Yeosu has beaches just about everywhere and we spent A LOT of time at them. It was hard to narrow down my favorites here.

Sindeok Beach

Yeosu Photos - Waves at Sindeok Beach.

Yeosu Photos - Summer Petals in Yeosu, South Korea (여수)

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Yeosu Photos - Jangdueng Beach in Yeosu, South Korea


Yeosu Photos - Fishing at Mossageum Beach

Yeosu Photos - Mossageum Beach in Yeosu, South Korea

Manseongri (from Marae San)

Yeosu Photos - Manseongri Beach from Marae San in Yeosu, South Korea


Yeosu Photos - Ungcheon Beach in Yeosu, South Korea

Dolsan & Hyangiram

Yeosu is surrounded by over 300 islands but the biggest one is Dolsan. It’s a great place to drive around, hike, or even walk when you can’t find your way. Hyangiram is a wonderful Buddhist Hermitage found at the bottom of island. I’ve written more about it here.

Yeosu Photos - Seafood traps in Dolsan, South Korea

Dolsan Bridge

Yeosu Photos - Dolsan Bridge in Yeosu, South Korea (돌산대교)

Dolsan Bridge viewable from Dolsan Park across from Yeosu, South Korea

Near Bangjukpo Beach

Near Dolsan's Bangjukpo Beach, South Korea

Rice Farms and Terraces

Rice Farms and Rice Terraces in Dolsan, South Korea


Changing Leaves at Hyangiram Buddhist Hermitage, South Korea (향일암)

Lady in Hyangiram Door, South Korea (향일암)

Tiles at Hyangiram Buddhist Hermitage, South Korea (향일암)

Hyangiram in Yeosu, South Korea

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My Favorite Place

(Excuse the Personal Bias)

Chonnam National University, Yeosu Campus

I worked at Chonnam and absolutely loved it. The only bummer is that there’s pretty much 0 flat land which immediately strengthens your calves or your desire to buy a car, whichever comes first. It’s a mountain campus surrounded by other mountains but has tons of visual perks, as you’ll see.

Dangerous yet Photogenic Spot for Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms and Danger at Chonnam National University, Yeosu Campus

Daily View

View from Chonnam National University, Yeosu Campus

School Festival

Chonnam Yeosu Annual Festival

Near the Back Gate

Near CNU Yeosu's Back Gate, South Korea

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Seriously, just about everywhere in Yeosu is pretty awesome. Got some Yeosu photos you’d like to add? Feel free to contact me and add your photos of Yeosu to the collection! 

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