Travel Destination Interview Series

Do you have love traveling and talking about the places you’ve been? If yes, how would you like to be interviewed about your experiences? If you’re a travel blogger, writer, or podcaster who’d like to be interviewed, that’s even better. Regardless, I’m looking to hear from experts like you about one travel destination that’s special or worth sharing with people.

Before we get into where and how to get in touch, let’s talk about how to knock this interview out of the park. As they say, it takes two to tango and here’s all that I’m asking for from you.

How to make an Amazing Travel Interview happen

  • Your Valuable Time: I just need enough time to have a lengthy conversation with you. If we can really get going, the talk could go on for an hour or more. It’s really up to you.
  • Reliable Connection and a Quiet-Enough Location: A good enough connection and quiet-enough place will give us the best conversation without interruption. Bonus points if you’re on a quiet beach. Video is ideal but if that’s not possible, we can make something else happen. Spotty signals might hinder our talk and makes for entertainment value.
  • Energy: Bring good energy to keep our audience entertained during the chat. Why? Why not?! It’s good for both of us. Load up on coffee, tea, or whatever hangover remedy you need to chat for a bit.
  • Flexibility: Lastly, you just need is enough patience to handle my occasional tangents about something unrelated to the topic. Don’t worry, it’ll mostly stay focused on you and your place of interest.

What will the Travel Destination Interview cover?

I’ll prepare questions that will ask you about things to do, places to see, when to go, etc. Essentially, I want to get a really good scoop on a place so please come prepared. Here are some example travel destination questions:

  • Are hotels in Japan expensive? 
  • Does Swedish food stand out in any way? 
  • When’s the best time to visit Costa Rica? 
  • What’s the best lesser-known thing to do in Morocco? 

As you can see, I’ll be asking things that prospective travelers want to know. No pressure here, but I just want you to know that people are counting on you. That’s why I’ll come through with a fun digression that will totally take the air out of the proverbial room. Either way, I know you’ll do fine and kill this interview!

Travel Destinations I want to learn about

Right now, I have nothing specifically in mind to cover. If it’s interesting to you, then it’s definitely interesting to me.

Let’s set up a Travel Destination Interview

Ok, now that I’ve laid everything out for you, let’s set up a travel destination interview. Contact me via email and let’s get this thing started!

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to prepare for our talk.