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Cambodia – Prasat Baphuon Temple Photo Walk

Cambodia Prasat Baphuon Temple Photo Walk by Duke Stewart
Written by Duke Stewart

Prasat Baphuon Temple Photo Walk

After spending the first part of our day at Angkor Wat, Christina and I move on and walk through Cambodia’s Prasat Baphuon or Baphuon Temple as its commonly known. The sun has largely retreated for the day and threatens to change into the flash rain that struck during our first day in the country. Temperatures are still hotter than I can ever remember but walking around the open spaces at Baphuon cool me off for a while. I feel like this place was something really important a long time ago and rightly so.

Prasat Baphuon is a Hindu Temple which was built in the mid-11th century during the reign of Khmer King Udayadityavarman II. Unfortunately, the temple is a long way from its original form and has been victimized by mother nature over the many years since completion. It seems to be under constant restoration and hopefully someday will be completely accessible. For now, let’s take a photo walk through as much of Baphuon Temple as we can.

In front of Baphuon Temple in Cambodia

In front of Baphuon, you can stare out at the vast courtyard and imagine that kings and queens alike probably loved the peace and quiet that it offered. Ruins and massive trees now overlook the area.


Christina under the walkway into the Baphuon Temple, Cambodia

Imagine if this place was fully restored. I still think the walkway leading in is beautiful and not just because my lovely wife is sitting there.


View from the Baphuon Temple entrance

The views improve as you ascend higher and higher but even from the entrance, it’s still cool to look back on the courtyard that leads into Baphuon Temple.


Baphuon Temple ruins

One man’s ruins is another’s treasure.


Prasat Baphuon BW from outside

These Angkor temples are so colorful but still worth a look in black and white, don’t you think?

Inner courtyard first level of Baphuon Temple

This is the first level courtyard with some pieces in place. I keep walking but stop every five seconds to capture beautiful and flawed alike inside this place.


From the first level of Baphuon Temple

This is from the first level looking up to the top. I’ve still got a ways to go, huh?


From one of the first level doorways at Baphuon Temple

This shot of a first level entryway is one of my favorite photos from the whole day and who knows, maybe someday it will end up on my wall.


Walking around the Baphuon Temple first level

There’s so much to see on the first level, like this walkway, that I don’t want to move on and up.


Walking up to Baphuon Temple Level 2

Maybe this is why I don’t want to go up. Just look at those stairs!


Baphuon Temple Level 2 Hallway

But there’s a reason we all do things, right? I love the cracks and details found inside this hallway on the second level.


Ascending to Baphuon Temple Level 3

These stairs really don’t get any more fun. Onto level 3!


Walkway on Baphuon Temple Level 3

The neglect and decay gets more obvious as I approach the top of Baphuon Temple. Though I’m sure it’s dangerous to walk around some of these spots, I find the differences in structural integrity to still be pretty interesting!


The top of Baphuon Temple

The top of Baphuon Temple is unfortunately inaccessible due to structural collapses and restoration efforts. Maybe someday I’ll get back and reach the top.


View from Baphuon Temple Level 3

I knew there was a reason for climbing all these stairs, other than walking around and admiring Baphuon Temple itself. Look at this view!


Carvings on Baphuon Temple Level 3

Carvings are everywhere, even at Prasat Baphuon!


Baphuon Temple Level 3 Walkway

Always love a nice, low walkway to get some knee exercises in!


Baphuon Temple Rear

After descending some of the scariest stairs of my life, I realize that the Baphuon Temple rear is pretty beautiful too!


Baphuon Temple Rear from the ground


Baphuon Temple Rear Wall

That’s a shot of the rear wall as we head out of Baphuon Temple towards our man with the tuk tuk.

Leaving Baphuon Temple

We leave Baphuon Temple and move onto the next stops that will include Bayon, Ta Prohm and Angkor Greatest Hits! I hope you enjoyed walking around this beautiful temple that holds so much promise, as it will hopefully be restored to a fully functional temple.

This post is a part of our Travel Photos series.

What did you think? Have you ever been to Prasat Baphuon? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section! 

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Visit Cambodia Baphuon Temple by Duke Stewart

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  • Wow Duke, that’s pretty amazing. I’ve never been anywhere where they had temples like this. I bet being there in person then it really does take your breath away.

    Your pictures are amazing and thanks for the narration as well. Looks like you both had an amazing time.

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    • Hi, Adrienne, and thanks for stopping by! This was a great time and we were so close to going back to Siem Reap the last time we were in Cambodia. If only our Vietnam Visas hadn’t gone though, you might be seeing more of these posts:)

      Let me know if you ever want to cover this part of the world. I can definitely help you get started! Take care and all the best to you.
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